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Chapter 1 - Einstein and Astrology

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     I am sitting at my desk in my fifth grade homeroom in Longmont, Colorado. It's 1958. Miss Mattison has just handed out the new My Weekly Reader. I look down at an explosive picture of Albert Einstein's bushy hair and intense eyes. Under the picture in large print Einstein is saying:

"It's all energy.
Everything is energy.

     The room fades and dissolves around me. I am transfixed by Einstein's face and the revelation that has just burned itself into my brain -- rearranging my reality forever. I don't remember a thing the article said. I don't remember if I even understood any of it. This turning point in my life, significant as it was, didn't lead me into the sciences. Science never called to me the way the world of words, people, the mind called to me. The various major attractions in my undergrad and post-grad years were psychology, English literature, political science, education, law.

     It wasn't until early adulthood that science again intruded into my liberal arts world. My social conscience, sense of adventure, and need to have a job had led me to be a teacher at Wendell Phillips High School in Chicago's south side ghetto. One day I was walking down the deserted hallway after school with a science teacher who I really admired. Darrell Spense was a tall, thoughtful man who seemed to carry himself above the politics and cliques of Wendell Phillips.

     I wanted to be sure that Darrell knew I was really intelligent despite the fact that I was teaching EMH (educable mentally handicapped). So in response to his mention of one of our colleagues, I said "I don't know her very well. We have the same lunch break, but she sits at the table with the group that reads their horoscopes during lunch." I rolled my eyes in what I hoped was tastefully subtle arrogance.

     Darrell said nothing for a few steps. Then, quietly, "I take it you don't believe in astrology." I was dumbstruck. There was no one I respected more on the entire staff than Darrell. A science teacher, and he's implying that he believes in that ridiculous stuff.

     Darrell continued in his thoughtful objective tone, "So tell me about the tides, Phyllis.
     What causes the tides?"
     "The moon, of course."
     "How does the moon do it?" he pressed.
     "Well, some kind of magnetic attraction," I answered, sensing he was going somewhere with his line of questions.
     "How far away is it? How big is it?"
     "I don't know," I admitted, not feeling persuasively brilliant.

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     "Well," Darrell explained, "It's about one-quarter the size of the Earth, and about one-quarter million miles away. It's a chunk of cold rock. Yet it pulls and pushes the oceans of this planet with a force and regularity that we still don't completely understand."

     "If a hunk of dead rock can affect our planet that strongly, how much more affect could an entire constellation of live stars have?" he reasoned.

     We were in Darrell's corner classroom by now, the late afternoon sun finding its way through the grimy windows. "Do you know about the Electromagnetic Spectrum?" "No, I said, feeling confused. But I was intrigued enough to let go of some of my pretence in the light of Darrell's quiet, rational approach.

     He walked me to a wall poster with a series of different colors fanning out in a semi-circle. "This is the entire range of electrical and magnetic radiation we know of at this point. It ranges from these gamma rays on the right hand side of the spectrum with a wavelength of one one-hundredth of an angstrom. An angstrom is one ten millionth of a meter."

     "Smaller than a virus. Real small."

     1 ~ Wavelength in meters
     2 ~ Size of Wavelength
     3 ~ Common name of wave
     4 ~ Source of Wavelength
     5 ~ Frequency (waves per second)

     Then he pointed to the left side of the spectrum. "At the other end here are waves with spans the length of California."

     "And this," he said as he pointed to a tiny rainbow about a half inch wide at the top right, "is all the human eye can see. Of this entire spectrum, only this miniscule amount is made up of frequencies that the eye can respond to."

     "Now all these," he ran his hand over the rest of the spectrum, "are real, scientific, useable. We can't see radio waves, or infrared rays (though dogs can!), or X-rays, or microwave. But they are very, very real. They are simply non-physical. What we can see, the physical, is a very small part of the real world."

     I studied the ELM Spectrum for a minute. Interesting. This chart represented all the energy we knew about the world. Somewhere up around the rainbow of visible light, I noticed with surprise that 'People' were a source of eneregy.

     "Have you ever heard of Bucky Fuller?"

     I shook my head. It sounded like a football player I should know.

     "Bucky Fuller is a brilliant engineer who designed the geodesic dome, among other things. Bucky says 99.9% of all reality is invisible."

     "The reason for this, come to think of it," Darrell mused, "might be because most energy frequencies are invisible. You know, everything is energy. Everything is made up of energy." A chill went down my back as the memory of my grade school classroom came back.

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     Darrell then proceeded to give me the rational understanding of Einstein's proclamation that had affected me so deeply in grade school.

     "At the leading edge of science, researchers now are going deep into sub-atomic particles to find the smallest particle of matter. It used to be the atom, then the 'quark'. Now, what they are finding is that the smallest particles aren't particles at all. They're bundles of information and energy swirling around each other. Matter, at its core, isn't matter. It is energy. It's all energy. Everything is energy."

     "So. Back to astrology. It may be an unproven science, but just because we can't prove or explain invisible energy doesn't mean we can't use it. Even Einstein couldn't explain gravity. But," and here Darrell bent his knees and sprang into the air, "every time I jump up, gravity pulls me back down," and he landed, raising a puff of dust around his feet.

     "Just like gravity, someday we may be able to explain how and why astrology works. But now, for me, it's enough to know there's some rational basis for it, and I'm open to the help it can give me." Then he threw back his head as if an idea had just struck him, and laughing, he said, "You know who Alexander Graham Bell was, right?"

     Yes on this one.

     "Well, one of my favorite mind-ahead-of-its-time stories is about Bell. He had perfected the telephone to the point where he was ready to introduce it to the public. He had set up a demonstration in a three story building in downtown New York. He had a speaker and receiver on the first floor connected to a speaker and receiver on the third floor. He had invited the press, dignitaries and some benefactors. Uninvited to the party came members of the NYPD. They came with an arrest warrant for Alexander Graham Bell on charges of seeking to defraud the public . . . "Because," and here he raised his eyebrows and nose, changing to an conceited tone, "everyone knows that the human voice cannot travel over pieces of barn wood and wire!"

     I laughed. I could picture the scene.

     "You know, something as simple as TV would have been magic even a hundred years ago." Darrell chuckled. " If we brought back Newton, one of the brightest minds of the seventeenth century, and put him in front of a Sony color TV, he'd probably take off screaming 'Witchcraft!'"

     When I left Darrell's classroom that day, I was a different person. The real world had changed shape. From then on, there were two types of reality for me. One was the physical reality, or things I could see and touch. The other was the non-physical, a reality that I slowly began experiencing without the use of the five senses. It was those things I couldn't see or touch that were just as real and useful such as radio waves, and perhaps even astrology.

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     Harmony and the Void

     I am eighteen years old and traveling with the international singing cast of "Up With People". My cast is performing in Chicago. I am with a few other cast members at Chicago's landmark Palmer House. I'm standing at the lobby elevator waiting to go up. The doors open, and I hear two amazed voices saying "Why, it's Phyllis!" "Is that you, Phyllis?" I am looking into the faces of Mildred and Avery Caldwell, family friends from my hometown of Longmont, Colorado, over a thousand miles, and several light-years, away.

     Mildred and Avery Caldwell belong to the same church as my family, their two sons, John and Tom, are the ages of my sister Jan and me. Tom and I had dated some in high school. Even more amazing now in retrospect, is the fact that Tom and I were married twelve years after this incident.

     How can we explain this kind of "coincidence'? Mildred, Avery and I were all just passing through Chicago, a city of millions of people and thousands of buildings. What on Earth brought us face-to-face at just that moment in time and at just that spot? Most of you have experienced similar amazing coincidences, too amazing to be totally random and totally accidental.

     For years this occurrence nagged me. I, like Einstein, do not believe God plays dice with the Universe. It was not a crapshoot that collided the Caldwells and me in Chicago. Only recently have I found an explanation that satisfies me.

     'Synchronicity' is what Carl Jung called this. 'Two seemingly unrelated events, unconnected by obvious cause and effect, yet unquestionably linked.' Two obviously connected events coinciding in time and space without a scientifically explainable basis. Enter the Darrel Spense Principle: accept it, seek to understand it, but most importantly, use it if it serves you. After years of pondering and probing for possible rationale, I have arrived at an understanding of synchronicity that satisfies me.

     Whether Carl Jung was aware of it or not, his psychological concept of (synchronous) has a very illuminating definition in the electromagnetic world. 'Synchronous' in physics and electricity means 'having the same frequency and zero phase difference.' Roughly translated, synchronous means two things are vibrating at the same rate. They are on exactly the same wavelength.

     Since everything is energy, we human beings are energy. Each of us is a condensed, consolidated bundle of millions of energy waves. That bundle is dense enough and vibrating slowly enough to be in the physical, and therefore, visible to the eye.

     Think of the human body as a big radio wave. It's like a radio wave that comes into your TV. One small wave enters, but it translates into dozens of channels. That one small radio wave contains oodles (to use a scientific term) of smaller frequencies. Just so, the human body's wave length contains millions of different frequencies, or waves.

     Very simplified, the human body's cluster of wavelengths looks something like this:

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     This model shows only a few wavelengths to give you the idea. In reality, there are millions of wavelengths vibrating in our bodies. The broad outside wave, 'A', is the sum blended total of all the millions of separate frequencies inside you. 'A' is what I look like to the world: a 54 year old female writer living in Puerto Rico, picking up sea glass to entertain herself.

     Every experience a person has literally leaves its energetic mark on them in the form of a new wavelength. Think of an experience that you had recently. That experience was as the immersion of your body in a field or pool of the specific energetic frequency of that event, place, person. (Frequency, wave and wavelength are all used to mean the same thing.) When you had that experience, your body absorbed that frequency. A new wavelength has been born in your body that now contains that same frequency as the field of experience you were just in. This is one way magnets are made. A piece of non-magnetic metal is left in the magnetic field of a magnet until its wavelengths are aligned with the magnet's wavelengths. It is then magnetized.

     You or your parents may have lived through the Depression, World War I or II, the Roaring 20's, Amelia Earhart's flights. Your body carries a Depression frequency, a Roaring 20's frequency, an Amelia Earhart frequency. If you were alive when Sputnik went up, when Kennedy was shot, when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, when Gandhi made his Salt March, when Challenger exploded, you have a Sputnik, a Kennedy, a Challenger, a Gandhi frequency inside you.

     The strength of that frequency ('amperage' in electrical terms), depends on how long or how strong your immersion was in the field. I had lived in Longmont half my life, so when I was 18 and ran into the Coldwells in Chicago, my Longmont frequency was very strong. The few seconds it took for the news of Kennedy's death to envelope me wasn't long, but it was intense. And as long as I live, I will remember feeling the people of the world rejoice as we watched the Berlin Wall come down in 1989. All these experiences left strong frequencies in me.

     Look back at the illustration above of the human body's frequency. The 'b' frequency in me is the wave that was born in me by living in Longmont, Colorado from fourth grade through college. Everyone who's lived in Longmont has a similar 'Longmont' wave in them. Mildred and Avery had the 'Longmont' wavelength in them. It was the magnetic attraction of those identical waves that drew us to be at the elevator door of the Palmer House at the same moment. The same frequency and the same phase vibration of our identical Longmont, Colorado wavelengths attracted us to the 'synchronous' event of colliding with each other in a time and space of unlimited variables and infinite possibilities.

     The 'c' frequency is my 'Scott' wave. My first home was Scott City, Kansas. I lived in Scott City from birth until age three, then again from age seven to nine. All of my father's family were in Scott City where Grandmother Della and Granddad JE lived, raised wheat and nine children. 'Scott' is an important frequency for me. Over the years, I've noticed that the Scotts that have come into my life have been major positive influences. Scott Klososky and I met in Moscow. We formed Matrix, Inc., which became the U.S. partner in Paragraph, our Soviet American Joint Venture. Our Soviet partners in Paragraph were some of my strongest and most helpful friends during my 'challenging' three years in Moscow. I eventually profited when Silicon Graphics International bought Paragraph. Scott and I have remained friends, though no longer business partners. He continues to be a delightful and helpful person in my life.

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     During my years as head of BCAL, Scott Allen was a generous and supportive person. During those same years, Scott Robinson (the partner of my colleague and close friend Colleen Schreiner) was also a steadfast friend. Now, when a Scott shows up in my life, I pay attention. I don't put expectations on them, but I simply turn up my awareness and stay tuned for the possibilities.

     The 'd' frequency could be my 'quantum' frequency. It riveted my fifth grade mind, it drew me to Darrell Spense, it attracted me to Frank Clement (the scientist inventor who became my partner), it attracted Frank and me to Meg Wheatley and Fritjof Capra, it helped me understand Prigogine's work and create the chaos model from it, it drew me to meet Dr. Prigogine himself. It attracted you to this website.

     Many of you have experienced synchronicity. Have you ever walked into a party that's a room full of strangers? Then, the first person you meet as you're grazing at the buffet, trying to look comfortable, turns out to be someone who went to the same high school you did, or who knows your favorite maiden aunt in Buffalo, or who absolutely hated the same movie you did that everyone else is raving about?

     These events are connected. The laws of energy explain why.

     Spend a few minutes with the model below. This is the same model of the human body's wavelengths, only with flashy movement this time.

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     Describe what 'A', your exterior physical body, looks like to the world. What are five adjectives that describe you?
     Adjectives (descriptive words) that express me. I am :

     What are five verbs that describe you?
     Verbs (action words) that describe me. I am:

     Now think about what wavelengths you have inside you. Clue: What patterns show up repeatedly in your life: what kind of people; what places; what events?

     What could be frequency 'b' in you?

     What could be frequency 'c'?

     What is frequency 'd'?

     Understanding these basics of how energy works in our lives is an important step in understanding how chaos works within quantum.

     When I was a trial lawyer with the Solicitor's Office, I got to spend time with an enlightening electrical master. Dr. John White was my electrical expert on a trial in Utah. I still remember my 'Dinner with John'. He was highly experienced, thoughtful and objective, a very desirable expert witness. Although he'd been a student of electricity his whole life, he was still mystified by it, almost reverent about it. John said, "We don't really understand the very basics of electricity. It's predictable and consistent. We know it always seeks to return to its source the easiest way possible, the path of least resistance. But we don't know why. We don't really know why." (I could hear Darrell Spence chuckling!)

     Energy seeks completion. There are two ways that energy completes itself. The first way is through harmonic attraction, or attraction of the same. I call this the Law of Harmonic Attraction. Energy that has a certain wavelength, phase, frequency, will attract energy with exactly the same wavelength, phase and frequency. This Law of Harmonic Attraction creates the phenomena called entrainment.

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     Entrainment is a type of synchronization. It means that the wavelengths of two different objects come together and take on the same wavelength. To borrow an example from Dr. William Collinge in his book Subtle Energy, it's like pendulum clocks. In 1665, the inventor of the pendulum clock noticed that, over time, the pendulums of a room full of clocks would all swing together. When he interrupted the pattern, within an hour or two they would all 'sync' back up with each other. All the clocks would entrain with the rate of the one with the biggest pendulum. It put out the strongest wavelength, so the others synchronized to it. They aligned or entrained with the stronger energetic field.

     The second type of completion that energy uses is the attraction of the void. This is often explained as 'opposites attract'. I call this the Law of Voidal Attraction. (Apologies if this sounds like jargon. I don't know what else to call it.) This is why electrons with negative charges are attracted to protons with positive charges.

     Do you remember that 'Nature abhors a vacuum'? It will send something to fill it up, to complete the picture. Since energy seeks wholeness or completion, it will draw to it that which it needs for completion. It will attract its opposite. This is very often what is at work in intimate relationships.

     My first marriage was to Tom Caldwell. Tom was stability incarnate. I was the epitome of adventure. During our wedding, the ministers who performed the ceremony painted a very appropriate metaphor for Tom and me. They said our relationship was like a tetherball.

     Rev. Lark Hapke stood beside Tom and talked about all his attributes. "Tom, you are even-tempered, thoughtful, deliberate, dependable, unwavering, anchored. You, Tom, are the central pole, buried deep in the ground. You are solid, sure, strong. You are the metal bar that rises from the Earth where you are anchored in concrete into the air where you hold the flexible rope that connects you to Phyllis, the tether ball."

     Then Rev. Evan Hodkins stood in front of me and talked to our families and friends. "You, Phyllis, are fiery, spontaneous, experimental and experiential, seeking. You are the orb that floats in the air, reaching out beyond the pole, moving in spaces and places the pole doesn't go. It is the cord connecting you to Tom that holds you in bounds, gives you a pattern, a path. It prevents your exploratory nature from spinning you off into outer space. Tom will be your anchor when the storms of life blow through."

     Indeed, Tom taught me a lot about how to live a stable life. I had inherited the emotional personality of my alcoholic father who had died of a heart attack when I was 20. Bob Kirk was an intelligent, gregarious, adventurous man who had failed as a father and husband. He was a sporadic provider at best. When I was in fourth grade, I stood alone at the window of our rented house on the poor side of Longmont early one morning. With tears in my eyes, I watched as my mother backed the car out of our driveway on her first day of summer school. It was mother's teaching salary that put food on our table, paid the rent, and got my two sisters and I through college. My dad drove his Lincoln Continental between Longmont and Kansas where he had cattle and sheep.

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     Tom was everything my dad was not. My dad had a raging temper; Tom never yelled or swore. Dad made and lost fortunes; Tom and I saved and invested the majority of our income. Tom and I lived in a modest town home and drove Mildred and Avery's used Chevrolet Citation. My dad always flaunted his money. When he sold a trainload of cattle and became a millionaire, he bought drinks for the 'whole city of Denver' according to one of dad's friends who was there to participate. My dad was emotionally and physically absent my whole life. But I never had to worry about where Tom was or what he was doing.

     Tom was more than a male integrity model for me. I had a relationship stability void that he filled. He was emotionally and physically present, considerate and supportive. During my twelve years with Tom an additional gift of filling the void was learning financial planning, saving and investing.

     Relationships that attract our polar opposites give us the opportunity to learn those qualities that are present in our mates and are missing in us. We are drawn to each other because we fill each other's missing parts. And we, like electricity, seek completion.

     I had the delight of learning about the 'completion' tradition of one tribe of Native Americans. My teacher was my friend Ward Flynn, author of Truth Zone. His teacher is Basil Braveheart of the Lakota Sioux. The Lakota Sioux see our life journey as an Earth walk of the Medicine Wheel. They believe that we are born into one of the four quadrants of the Medicine Wheel: the Warrior, the Healer, the Teacher, and the Spirit Carrier, as I remember it. Where we are born is our power, our trump card. Wisdom comes from using that strength to move into each of the other quadrants, to experience all the facets of life. We are meant to walk in all four quadrants. Look at the Medicine Wheel below.

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     This Medicine Wheel is the work of Robert Kakakaway of the Cree Nation. He does Medicine Wheel training, and I recommend his website at http://www3.telus.net/kakakaway if you are interested in a deeper study of the Medicine Wheel.

     Think about which quadrant you feel most comfortable in.

     Does this feel like the quadrant you were born into?
     Which other quadrants have you walked in?
     Which would you like to do next?
     Which quadrants are hard for you?

     Think of a relationship where you were or are attracted to your opposite.

     What quadrant are you in? What quadrant are they in?
     How are you opposites?
     What are you learning from each other?
     What could you learn from each other?

     Just as the Sioux sought wisdom in wholeness, so energy seeks completion by both drawing together the same harmonic vibrations and by joining voidal opposites.

     So you say, what else is there but same and opposite? Wouldn't that include almost all energy? No, it wouldn't. Harmonic vibrations and voidal opposites are strong, direct, powerful forces. Therefore, it includes all energy that is strong, direct and powerful. The key word here is strongly the same and strongly the opposite.

     Everything else is Ho-hum Land. For example, the wavelength 'x' in me for relationships with men is strongly like my father's personality wavelength. I spent the formative years of my life in my father's energetic pool, and that's strong entrainment. So my first husband was the attraction of the opposite of Bob Kirk in the person of Tom Caldwell. As that void of 'male stability' wavelength was filled, I could later in my life attract relationships with men more like me, more harmonic with my wavelengths. And Tom was able to attract to himself another partner who was much more like him, creating a more fulfilling relationship for him in his second marriage. And the whole range of men between the Bob Kirk model and Tom Caldwell are in Ho-hum Land. They have little attraction for/to me because they are neither strongly like me nor strongly opposite me.

     Einstein declared decades ago that everything is energy. The ELM Spectrum shows that only a small fraction (less than 1% per Bucky Fuller) of that energy is visible. As we seek to measure, understand and use the world of non-physical reality, we have to rely on different tools than those we use to measure physical reality. We can begin by relying on our own observations of what is true for us, what works for us, what serves us. See for yourself what is true for you. Look at the synchronicities in your life and begin feeling the patterns that show up.

     As we go deeper into the heart of quantum and chaos, that ability to pay attention to what we are attracting to ourselves and why (harmony or the void) is increasingly significant.

Summary - Chapter 1
Einstein and Astrology

I. It's all energy
A. Einstein's proclamation
B. Energy Vibrates
C. Vibrations attract
1. Strongly alike (entrainment)
2. Strongly opposite (voidal)

II. Electromagnetic Spectrum - Types of energy
A. Physical
1. Uses 5 senses
2. Only 1% of reality
B. Non-physical
1. Invisible reality
2. Must use other tools to perceive it

III. Two laws of Energy Seeking Completion
A. Attraction of opposites (voidal)
1. Nature abhors a vacuum
2. Opposites attract
a. Phyllis attracted to Tom
a. Opposite of her father Bob
B. Attraction of same (harmonic)
1. Entrainment
2. Human body's frequencies/waves
a. Longmont frequency
b. Scott frequency
c. Quantum frequency

IV. Heart of quantum and chaos
A. Non-physical, invisible reality
B. Requires new tools on the part of the Observer
1. What is true for me?
2. What works for me?
3. What serves me?
C. Observe my life
1. What patterns come up repeatedly?
2. Look at the synchronicities in my life
D. Pay attention to
1. What do I attract?
2. Why do I attract it?
a. Harmony (attraction of the same)
b. Void (attraction of the opposite)