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Welcome to the Magic of Quantum.

This book gently guides you into the magic of quantum in a nonscientific way in two locations:

On this site, you can read the Foreword, and link to Amazon to buy the book in either hard copy or on Kindle under the name of Quantum Lite: How to Calm the Chaos.

The other location of this book is on Amazon Kindle. Buy Now

May your encounter with this be an expansive, personal and enriching experience.


Quantum Lite


  • Chapter 1 - Einstein and Astrology

  • Chapter 2 - Systems and the Field

  • Chapter 3 - Chaos

  • Chapter 4 - Uniqueness

  • Review - In pictures

  • Chapter 5 - The Quantum Event

    • Apology to Grammarians & Theologians
    of the World

    • Acknowledgments

    • Epilogue

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